Top Cookers for your Kitchen

At the heart of all good kitchens is the cooker. For every individual and cooking occasion, there’s a product of choice. In the UK there are a number of iconic brands which have won their place in the nation’s kitchens over the decades. Here’s a break down of the very best to help you make the most of your kitchen.

AGA Cookers

An AGA is instantly recognisable in any kitchen due to the iconic hot plates and gleaming enamel coat, which comes in an array of colours. Over the years the brand has stood the test of time and has even evolved to meet the environmental needs of today.

AGA was first established way back in 1709 in Shropshire. Their very first product was created by melting iron and pouring it into a mould to create cast iron – a method still used today. The beauty of this cast iron product is that it produces unique heat retention properties that are key to the way an AGA cooks.

Every new AGA is created from 70 per cent recycled materials and designed to provide greater control and versatility. Experts running the brand are even working on the utilisation of solar and wind power and other alternative energies.

The cookers are available in three choice categories – Heat Storage, Conventional and Modules. These products can achieve all your cooking desires. From baking, roasting, frying, reheating, steaming and toasting – an AGA can do it all!

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Stoves Cookers

A cooker can be purchased under numerous brand names, but one of the best has to be Stoves.

Stoves & Co was formed in the year 1920 and set out to change the face of cooking from its beginnings. The brand is today a favourite with both professionals and home cooks alike and is associated with quality and innovative, industry-leading products.

Stoves is actually one of the nation’s largest cooking brands and is still manufactured in the UK. The company is extremely proud of its British heritage and today employs over 1000 staff.

Products by Stoves include Built-In Ovens – the latest collection by Stoves includes A energy rated single ovens and AA energy rated double ovens, Range Cookers – perfect for the keenest of cooks thanks to their sheer size and abilities, and Freestanding Cookers – which can fit into any space and includes dual fuel, gas and electric systems. Whichever you pick you’re sure to make a statement in your kitchen.

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Britannia Cookers

Britannia is a leading range cooker specialist which offers a great choice of classic and contemporary cookers to suit any kitchen needs.

The company itself was first established 1985 and was one of the first to introduce range cookers in the UK. Now based in Blackpool, Britannia offers a collection of top Built-in Ovens and Hobs, Cooker Hoods and Accessories. The collection includes Britannia Sigma, Dynasty, Classic, E Line and L Line cookers.

Through its products Britannia boasts A rated efficiency, a brilliant Colourange, plus fuel and style options.

Great service is also customary with this brand. Britannia prides itself on high quality. All cookers are manufactured to ensure excellent cooking performance and reliability. As part of its service, Britannia has its own delivery team and a factory-trained team of range cooker service engineers.

If you are having a completely new fitted kitchen, then Britannia recommends that you consider your cooking needs and choose a cooker before finalising the kitchen design.

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