Renewable Energy Grants

If you are thinking about changing over to a renewable energy source, you may be interested in the renewable energy grants that are available.


The Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform’s low carbon building programme offers grants in the UK. Grants are available for the installation of solar photovoltaic, solar water heating, wind turbines, ground and air source heat pumps and bioenergy, CHP and fuel cells. Households, community organisations, public and private sectors are eligible. Householders can apply for grants of up to £2,500 for solar voltaics, wind turbines and small hydro power, with up to £1,200 for ground source heat pumps and £900 for air source heat pumps. Wood fuelled boiler systems are eligible for up to £1,500 and automated pellet fed room heaters or stoves up to £600. Before applying for a renewable energy grant, you must take a number of energy efficiency measures to ensure that your requirements are being minimised. These steps include loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, use of low energy light bulbs and heating system controls such as radiator thermostat, system timer and programmer. Advice is available at the Energy Saving Trust by phoning 0800 512 012. Grants are allocated on a first come first served basis, while funds last. Required planning consents must be applied for and granted prior to making an application for a renewable energy grant. A useful website full of information on restrictions, application processes and application forms is


In Scotland the Scottish Community Householder Renewables Initiative is managed by the Energy Saving Trust and funded by the Scottish Government. Renewable energy grants are available for solar voltaic, solar water heating, solar thermal space heating, ground source heat, biomass, small scale and hydro systems. Householder funding is at a rate of 30% of the installation cost up to £4,000. In Scotland you can apply for either a low carbon buildings programme grant or a Scottish community householder renewable initiative grant. You can not apply for both however. You will need to do a home energy efficiency check before applying for a renewable energy grant. Communities are eligible for up to £100,000 grant for renewable energy installation. For more information go to where you will find advice on applying for a renewable energy grant.

Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland, the Northern Ireland Household Programme for renewable energy provides grants of up to £15,000. It offers up to £8,000 for wind turbines, up to £1125 for solar panels, up to £3,000 for ground source heat pumps, up to £2,400 for air source heat pumps, up to £3,250 for wood fuelled boilers, up to £1,500 for pellet fuelled stoves, with up to £15,000 for solar photovoltaics. This is a separate grant from the Low Carbon Buildings Programmes available throughout the UK, and can support additional technologies over a £15,000 limit. This grant is available on a first come first served basis, and funding can run out.

As with all renewable energy grants mentioned here, there is a time limit of availability once a grant has been offered, usually of around 6 months.