Home Improvement Tips to Fend off Burglars

By | September 14, 2009

Some 75,000 burglaries are reported to the police in England and Wales annually, which is a statistic that has been steadily increasing recently. The economic downturn and increased rate of unemployment have no doubt contributed to what is an already unpleasant crime that causes emotional, psychological and financial suffering to its many innocent victims.

Alarm systemOf course, burglary is a crime that has plagued societies throughout history and there is very little that can be done to change this in future. Nevertheless, there are a number of ways in which homeowners can help to protect their homes against these unwanted guests.

The key home improvements to be considered include the installation of burglar alarms and the reinforcement of double glazing and doors, which are, quite obviously, the major entry points to the home. Therefore, it is not at all sensible to leave these areas insecure.

Unfortunately, however, many homeowners and property developers especially tend not to give much thought to this crucial area of the home. In fact, many doors are made of cheap materials to save on costs whilst many windows will not comprise key locks, which are essential in order to reduce the risk of their being prised open.

In respect to doors, ideally these should be made from metal or solid wood and feature several Grade 1 locks including a heavy-duty deadbolt. The door fitting itself should comprise a heavy-duty four-screw strike plate that penetrates at least several inches into the sturdy door frame. These core components are necessary for reducing the risk of the locks being picked or the door itself being kicked in. Finally, fit a peephole in the door that provides good visibility in all directions.