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Homemade Home Improvements

Despite what the home improvement television shows will suggest, not every house needs a new extension of bi-folding doors to constitute a home improvement. Indeed, it is often sufficient to simply tidy or completely declutter a home whilst slapping on a fresh coat of paint. Nevertheless, a traditional home improvement will require some degree of… Read More »

US Business Recycles Home-Fittings

A new style of home improvement store has burst on to the market in the US. The idea behind the store is for people to repurpose and share used items from their home that they want to replace with new ones instead of throwing them away. If, for example someone wants to replace old kitchen… Read More »

MP's Home Improvements Cost Tax Payers

Recently the press has covered the highly questionable use of tax payers money to fund all manner of self-indulgent spends by UK MPs. The latest of these spends which has come to light, are purchases made by Stephen Byers, former Cabinet Minister. Byers resides in a flat belonging to his girlfriend on a rent-free basis… Read More »

B & Q Invest in Management Rewards

Despite the home improvement industry being hard hit by the recession, B & Q are investing £10 million in bonuses for store management to help promote good performance across the brand. The rewards are being granted by parent company, Kingfisher, in the form of stocks and shares. In total, 9 million pounds worth of the… Read More »

Home Improvement Spending in Sharp Decline

According to studies conducted by the LIRA Project affiliated with the prestigious US University, Harvard, home improvement spending is predicted to decline significantly throughout the year. Already, the industry is reeling due to a lack of interest and many small businesses are struggling to stay afloat because of a shortage of demand but these recently… Read More »

Potential VAT Cut for DIY

According to reports recently released by the Scottish Building Federation some special new schemes could mean that VAT on home improvement items (and services) is cut down to just 5%. The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alistair Darling, has been offered several similar schemes in the pre-budget period which will end on the 22nd of April… Read More »