Adding another bathroom is a ‘great investment’

By | February 14, 2011

Image source John Lewis

Making improvements to your bathroom or adding an extra facility is one way to improve the market value of your property.

The claim has been made by Rosie Millard within an article for the Daily Telegraph. According to Millard, modern bathroom accessorise and a clean, stylish space can make a home more desirable for potential buyers.

Noel de Keyer, head of houses at Savills, told her that an extra bathroom or living space could increase the value of a home by around five per cent.

The advice by Millard is that anyone looking to invest in a new bathroom suite should opt for all white, as this will reduce the appearance of tidal mark from limescale which is more prominent against colour.

She also states that bathrooms should be kept minimalist as rooms free from clutter create a more relaxing space.

She commented: “Ideally, a bathroom should be a sleek sanctuary.”

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