Is open plan living on its way out?

By | February 28, 2011

Image by Next

According to new research open plan room designs could be going out of fashion., the home storage solutions company, has stated that the trend for open plan living in UK homes may be drawing to a close.

A survey commissioned by the site revealed over half of UK adults are now opting for, or have a preference for additional rooms in the home. These can be used for a number of functions such as a child’s play room or a study area.

The findings are backed by the company’s increasing sales of room dividers which rose by 36 per cent last year.

Jon Gough of Spaceslide commented: “We set about researching what was driving this trend and whether there was a backlash to open plan living – which we believe there is.

“Compared to 10-years-ago, there is increased home-working, more teenagers having bigger and better entertainment systems comprising large screens, games consoles and computers that benefit from being left set up separate to the TV viewing family area, and more students living at home – all major new ways of life for families that lend themselves to private rooms rather than open plan living.”