John Lewis reports rising sales of wine cabinets

By | February 21, 2011

JLWF603 Wine Cabinet

Department store John Lewis says that sales of wine cabinets have risen by 27 per cent over the last six months.

According to the retailer, customers are choosing to invest in more sophisticated models that offer greater flexibility and storage options.

Vic Sinclair, central buyer for large electricals at John Lewis, said: “Wine cabinets are becoming the must have appliance for the kitchen. Over the last six months we have seen the strongest sales in the mid to high end models, including the John Lewis JLWF603 wine cabinet, that benefits from a twin temperature control unit, allowing you to store red and white wine together. We also have orders placed for the newly introduced Sub Zero wine cabinet, perfect for wine connoisseurs who also want the wow factor.”

ICBWS30-S-TH-RH Wine Cabinet

John Lewis JLWF603 Wine Cabinet – £599

This John Lewis 60cm wine cabinet has the flexibility to store different wines in one cooler. Separate cooling zones allow you to keep your red and white wine together, but at different temperatures, thanks to a twin digital temperature control unit. The upper zone allows you to store up to 16 bottles of white wine between 5-10 °C and the lower zone allows up to 30 bottles of red to be stored between 10-8 °C.

Sub-Zero ICBWS30 Wine Cabinet – £8,750

This seriously-stylish wine cabinet will keep your wine in the very best conditions. A stainless steel and full-view glass door allows you to show off your collection, as well as storing up to 147 bottles, on 15 pull out cherry wood roller shelves. Touch pad controls make it easy to set the correct temperature from 3°C to 18°C in each zone and you can chose between Celsius or Fahrenheit for the display.