Double Glazed Replacement Windows

uPVC Double Glazing Cutaway

One of the options faced when choosing to install double glazing is that of the frame material. Double glazing has become very popular due to its innovative ability to reduce sounds entering the home, the amount of heat energy lost and levels of condensation inside. This technology has become extremely common today and the materials used in the construction of double glazing windows have become increasingly clever to suit the needs and desires of homeowners. Previously, timber and aluminium frames were the norm, but these encountered a number of problems. Timber framed windows can be susceptible to rot and do little to reduce condensation. Because of this, the wood often requires maintenance such as re-painting, patching and re-filling. On the other hand, aluminium cannot offer the insulation required or desired in many homes. It is not surprising then that the introduction of high-quality, low maintenance un-plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) double glazing has become the material of choice for huge numbers of homeowners.

The Benefits of uPVC Double Glazing

The uPVC materials frames have become the most popular option for double glazing frames. Its main benefit and selling-point for many consumers is how low maintenance it is. Unlike wood frames which could require painting and re-painting as well as regular checks, uPVC does not flake, rot, rust or fade. The most that is required of homeowners who install uPVC frames is an occasional wipe with a damp cloth and perhaps the odd oiling of locks and levers.

The benefits of uPVC do not stop there, however, and the material actually does its straightforward, technical job better than the other materials on offer. uPVC frames are the best insulators available and are thus the best at keeping out sound and keeping in heat energy. uPVC materials are also the most durable and robust, lasting longer than both hardwoods and aluminium alternatives. uPVC is also very versatile and can be expertly cut to fit perfectly. Finally, the fact that uPVC is the cheapest of the materials available has given it a further benefit above other alternatives.

The Shortcomings of uPVC Windows

The uPVC double glazing manages to counteract just about all of the shortcomings of previous materials, but many people still favour other materials. The main reason for this is that to many people, uPVC is aesthetically unattractive. Compared to hardwood frames in particular, the white plastic appearance of uPVC can be considered rather unappealing and can disrupt the look of older buildings. In fact, for houses in conservation areas or listed homes, local authorities are likely to insist on wooden frames so the alteration is in keeping with the local style. Aluminium frames are also considered to be more attractive than uPVC and can suit older houses. uPVC frames are now available in a range of colours to better suit the home which most of the bigger companies offer customers. These colours tend not to fade and can go some way to creating a more matching fit with different styles of home. However, when it comes to looks, in the end uPVC does not match up to other materials.